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Pomiar przemieszczeń - miernik MPL508

Product description

MPL508 is an eight canal, laboratory LVDT meter working with any LVDT transducer of AC/AC group. The gauge is a free standing instrument, it consists of eight Eurocard standard canals, power supply and digital indicator. Like the rest devices made in Peltron MPL series meter has been designed “in house” by Pelron engineers.  The gauge supplies transducers and convert transducers’ a/c output voltage to standard voltage signals (±10VDC, ±5VDC, 0÷10VDC, 0÷5VDC) or current signals (4÷20mA, 0÷20mA). The gauge is equipped in one, (altered) LED digital indicator 3,5 or 4,5 digit showing readout in both displacement or output signal units. Power supply 230VAC or 24VDC. The casing is a free standing type, aluminum, IP30.

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Technical parameters

Technical Parameters
Power supply 230V/50Hz, 18VA
  • 8 for MPL508
  • 9 for MPL509
  • 10 for MPL510
  • 11 for MPL511
  • 12 for MPL512
Output signals
  • ±10V
  • ±5V
  • 0÷10V
  • 0÷5V
  • 4÷20mA
  • 0÷20mA
  •  option RS485/USB/RS232
  • 3½ digits, LED, red, 13 mm
  • 4½ digits, LED, red, 10 mm
Accuracy  ≤ 0,1% MR
Display accuracy
  • ≤ 0,3% ± 1 digit  (for 3½ digits )
  • ≤ 0,1% ± 1 digit ( for 4½ digits)
Electrical connection Case mounted
RS connection D-SUB9 case mounted