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Product description

PKx series, AC/AC group, like other displacement transducers made by Peltron are based on the differential transformer principle – LVDT.  The transformer is placed inside a cylindrical case. There is a magnetic core inside the transformer. Displacement of the core results in a change in the transducer’s output signal.  This series is not equipped with a return spring so the core’s end has to be fixed to a moveable object. One transducer of PKx series works with a one channel conditioner like amplifier WG06. It is used mainly to measure movement of concrete blocks in dams and  parts of devices in power plants.

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Technical parameters

Measure ranges [mm] 20,30,50,100,200
Power supply 2 Vrms, 5÷15mA, 5kHz
Output signal ±1 Vrms ±10%
Accuracy [%] MR ▪ ≤0,5
▪ ≤0,25
▪ ≤0,1
Operating temperature [°C]

▪ -20÷+80 standard
▪ -20÷+120
▪ -20÷+200

Ø body 25 mm
Ø core 5 mm
Electrical connection Case mounted
Case material 316L
Return spring No