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Product description

PSz series, DC/DC group, like other displacement transducers made by Peltron are based on the differential transformer principle – LVDT.  The transformer is placed inside a cylindrical case. There is a magnetic core inside the transformer. Displacement of the core results in a change in the transducer’s output signal.  This series is equipped with a return spring so the core’s end is not fixed to a moveable object. One transducer of PSz series to work properly needs only a power supply.

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Technical parameters

Measure ranges [mm] 5,10,20,50,100,150
Power supply ▪ 15 VDC, 20÷40mA
▪ 24 VDC (option)
Output signals ▪ ±5 VDC ±10%
▪ ±10 VDC ±10% (PIz100 and PIz150)
Accuracy [%] MR ▪ ≤0,5
▪ ≤0,25
Operating temperature [°C] -20÷75
Temperature accuracy 0,02 %ZP/°C
Ø body 19 mm
Ø core 4 mm
Electrical connection PVC ½ m no connector
Case material 316L
Return spring Yes