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Product description

Amplifier WG09 is a conditioner dedicated to work with any linear displacement sensor series AC/AC – PTx, PJx, PTs, PSw, PKx, PJs, PLx, PSx, PSy  and others.  Amplifier feeds sensor with mostly 5kHz sine wave and convert its output signal (modulated 5 kHz wave) to analog amplifier’s output signal 0÷10V or 4÷20 mA and also to digit signal in standard RS485 Modbus RTU. Additional feature of the device  is possibility of calibration  using special keys which enable to set  a sensor to any measuring range (≤ standard range of the calibrated sensor ). Additionally, amplifier enables internal and external temperature measurement (fe. temp. of LVDT). The device has a rail mounted enclosure DIN 35 mm standard.

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Technical parameters

Power supply 24VDC/24VAC
Current 100 mA
Analog output 4÷20 mA or 0÷10V, output updated every 0.2 seconds
Digit output Modbus RTU
Refreshing 5 times per second
Operating temperature -25oC÷40 oC
Connection DIN 35 mm
Case ABS, green, width  22,5 mm
Dimensions X:22,5 mm; Y:101 mm; Z:120 mm;