Sonda hydrostatyczna PLC64

Product description

Level probe PLC64’s main application is measuring wastewater level, particulary thick or very thick and dirty water. Its main feature is a big vulcanizationed diaphragm. The water being measured can not be mixed with hard particles like small stones or various metal  particles which can damage the diaphragm. 

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Technical parameters

Measuring ranges    each within scope 1 ÷ 100 mH2O
Power  supply ▪  10÷36 VDC for 4÷20mA current loop
▪  15÷30 VDC for  0÷10V, 0÷5V, 1÷5V
▪  12÷30 VDC for  0÷5V (option)
▪  4,5÷12 VDC (low-power)
Output signals ▪  4÷20mA current loop
▪  0÷10V, 0÷5V, 1÷5V
▪  0÷3V (low-power)
∅ body   max. 64 mm
Medium temperature -20÷70 °C
(medium is not allowed to freeze)
Accuracy ▪  ≤1% MR for MR ≤ 2 mH2O
▪  ≤0,5% MR for MR > 2 mH2O
Electric connection PVC cable with capillary tubes